HALL Michael




私の主な研究内容は、竹炭を用いた土壌改良についてです。それ以外にも糸島市で竹炭を使って有機野菜を栽培し、そのマーケティングも行っています。以前は、京都の亀岡市で竹炭を使った有機野菜の栽培によって二酸化炭素削減の取り組み、“Cool Biz” ならぬ “Cool Vege” に参加していました。







芸術工学部はアートも入っていてクレイジーなところが良いところです。未来構想デザインコースの学びではヒューマニティーもサイエンスもどちらも欠かすことができません。自分の学びたい領域を学ぶだけでなく inter-discipline study(=学際的な学び)が大切です。これからのデザインを考える上で、アートだけ、サイエンスだけでは足りません。


未来構想の学生には「自分でやってほしい」、independent mind を持ってほしいです。私たち教員はもちろん、授業で知識は教えます。しかし、私たちのことをファシリテーターと考えるのではなく、スーパーバイザーやアドバイザーだと思ってください。そして自分で考え、自分で行動し、自分自身で何を勉強したいのかを見つけてください。勉強というのは自分でやった方が絶対に楽しいはずです。

Please tell us about your research.

My main research interest is in soil improvement using bamboo charcoal. I am also involved in the cultivation and marketing of organic vegetables using bamboo charcoal in Itoshima City. Previously, I participated in the “Cool Vege” project, likes “Cool Biz”, in Kameoka City, Kyoto, which is an effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by growing organic vegetables using bamboo charcoal.

The reason why I chose bamboo as the subject of my research is because there are many bamboos in Kyushu, and I have seen many cases where they have a negative impact on agriculture. As the number of bamboos increases, the number of wild boars, which are harmful animals, increases, and the soil deteriorates because the bamboos absorb water from the groundwater. At the time, I was in charge of soil pollution management, and I thought that making bamboo charcoal to improve the soil would be a good solution to this problem.

Can bamboo charcoal be used to improve soil?

Bamboo charcoal itself does not have any nutrients, but it can improve the soil by allowing good bacteria to live in the microscopic holes in the bamboo. Also, if the soil is bad, bamboo can improve it by absorbing pollution. And because bamboo charcoal does not decompose easily and does not rot, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Organic vegetables grown in soil improved by bamboo charcoal are very tasty!

Please tell us about the future of your research.

I am currently planning to conduct research on the cultivation of vegetables using aquaponics technology and bamboo charcoal on the balcony on the third floor of the Ohashi Campus Building 2. Using this technology, we should be able to grow delicious vegetables even without good soil.

What is your idea of “Design Futures”?

The Faculty of Design is good in that it includes art and is crazy. In the Design Futures course, both humanity and science are indispensable. It is important to study not only the area you want to study, but also inter-discipline study. It is not enough to study only art or science when thinking about Design Futures.

Please give a message to the students of Design Futures.

I would like the students of Design Futures to have an independent mind and to “do things on their own”. We, the faculty, will teach you knowledge, but we are not facilitators but supervisors or advisors. Please think for yourself, act for yourself, and find out for yourself what you want to study. Studying is definitely more fun if you do it on your own.

Translated by DeepL.